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Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner:
Vienna, Virginia

Rev. John Giunta, MA
117 Moore Avenue, SW, Vienna, VA 22180

Phone: 703-281-5498

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About Phoenix Rising
Yoga Therapy

John provides one-on-one yoga therapy sessions in his private yoga studio in Vienna, Virginia, where he also teaches semi-private group yoga classes.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is distinct from other schools of yoga therapy in that it focuses primarily on the transformative aspects of the body/mind connection rather than on correcting physical alignment or in the treatment of addictions, ailments and other health related conditions. Phoenix Rising addresses the transformation of the unconscious ego directed "self" toward the higher conscious "Self".

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy uses a combination of assisted yoga postures with Rogerian non-directive dialogue to help the client to discover tensions in the body that may be interfering with our natural state of wellness and happiness. Some people rely on PRYT to help them deepen their own experience of yoga apart from the transformative opportunities in this modality of body work.

Whatever someone's current level of physical activity, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy can be beneficial. It's a safe and painless process. The clients are supported in integrating awareness and insights released during sessions into their daily lives. In Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, clients are consciously and actively involved in the process at all levels.

The long term effects are the body becomes more aligned and tension free. This results in corresponding feelings of health, aliveness, and spiritual attunement.

About your PRYT Practitioner

Rev. John Giunta, MA

John has been a meditator and student of mysticism since 1974 and is a teacher of yoga certified by the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, Pennsylvania founded by Swami Rama. He has been initiated in several traditions of meditation. He is also an Interfaith Minister ordained by The New Seminary in New York City. His counseling and mentoring experiences include counseling veterans with the Virginia Employment Commission, serving as a mentor with the Office of Minority Student Affairs at George Mason University, and drug and alcohol abuse counseling in the US Army. His counseling skills have been helpful to numerous musicians and public speakers with performance anxiety. He is a published author of numerous articles in the fields of yoga and music.

A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Session of 90 minutes costs $95. To schedule a private session with John please call (703) 281-5498 or