I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in 2004 by The New Seminary.

This is part of my collection of antique Tibetan singing bowls.

Here I am using my alto flute to provide meditative music.

Playing the classical guitar for a wedding reception.

Using my 12-String guitar to accompany holiday music.

Winter, 1974, Washington Square Park, NYC, 28 degrees outside. Yes, I can still do the one-arm lever.

Playing my Italian accordion before an Italian wedding at the oldest Italian Church in downtown Washington, DC.

Vienna Woods Studios
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Rev. John Giunta, MA, FRC
"Helping to ensure Domestic Tranquility since 1974" (TM)

Interfaith Ministerial Services, Spiritual Coaching, Yoga classes, workshops, Meditation Training, Yoga Therapy, Music lessons, Music Performances, Drum Circles

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Mission Statement

To help people of every faith or of undecided faith to discover their inner peace and true potential with spiritual coaching, ceremonies and rituals of all kinds, to include weddings, blessings, transitional ceremonies, memorials and funerals. To offer music training that is friendly, thorough, holistic and inter-disciplinary. To offer yoga and meditation training in the Himalayan tradition in a friendly spirit and without dogma. All services will be offered regardless of ethnic background, race, sexual orientation, age, gender or religious affiliation.

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Contact me Copy and paste into your email), jpgiunta1211@aol.com

Rev. John Giunta, MA, FRC

John has been a meditator and student of mysticism since 1974 and is a teacher of yoga certified by the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, Pennsylvania founded by Swami Rama. He has been initiated in several traditions of meditation. He is also an Interfaith Minister ordained in 2004 by The New Seminary in New York City. John holds a Master of Arts degree in music from George Mason University. He was the first classical guitarist to earn a Masters at GMU. He also plays flutes, hammered dulcimer, accordion and other instruments. John uses his musical skills in his yoga classes and in the weddings he officiates. His counseling and mentoring experiences include counseling veterans with the Virginia Employment Commission, serving as a mentor with the Office of Minority Student Affairs at George Mason University, and drug and alcohol abuse counseling in the US Army. His mentoring skills have been helpful to numerous musicians and public speakers with performance anxiety. He is a published author of numerous articles in the fields of yoga and music.

Contact me (Copy and paste into your email), jpgiunta1211@aol.com