These are some photos of my studio and some of the fitness equipment and musical instruments I use. For me, yoga, meditation, vibration and music are all in the same family of knowledge. 


webstcndles.jpg (37988 bytes)Here is a view of the studio prepared for meditation. Guests often comment on the peaceful feeling of the room.

webinverswng.jpg (39360 bytes)
webhangers.jpg (39070 bytes)The studio is equipped with some very helpful pieces of equipment for the discovery of the wisdom in our bodies:an Inversion Swing (tm) and a pair of gymnasts' rings I configured myself which can be used like Yoga Props (tm). Also shown are a Whale Bench (tm) and two items I made: low handbalancing bars and an adjustable aid for forward bending positions.

webyprops.jpg (33009 bytes)webweights.jpg (45379 bytes)If you have an old set of free weights, take them out, paint them, and put them to work. A change of color can be very motivating!


By the way, I share the instructions on how I made this gear freely with my clients. It is very empowering to make things for yourself that are often stronger, better and more comfortable than apparatus available commercially. If you buy the tools for making things, your first expenditure will be about the same price, but your next projects will cost a lot less!

webjzgtrs.jpg (115418 bytes)webclsgtrs.jpg (28505 bytes)
Here are some of the instruments -- guitars, flutes and others -- I play and use regularly. A unique hallmark of my studio is that I play live music for the contemplative portions of my yoga classes. 

webflts.jpg (28845 bytes)For these occasions I usually use flutes or the singing bowls. I love the feeling of nurturing my students by playing for them.



webdulc.jpg (36273 bytes)Hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, autoharp (have you ever heard one played through a flanger?)...

webaccord.jpg (110400 bytes)The accordion, my first musical instrument, skipped a whole generation, but has been making a comeback for a number of years in many kinds of music. It has always been a wonderful family instrument. This instrument is a Philharmonic made in Italy. It has four sets of treble reeds and five sets of bass reeds. It has a double tone chamber and is outfitted with stereo mics.

The theremin is becoming a lot more popular since the efforts of Robert Moog. I assembled this one from a kit made by BigBriar, Moog's company. Leon Termin, the Russian pioneer of radar research, invented this instrument. Some days I just can't wait to get home and get my hands a few inches away from it!

Here is a group photo of the Tibetan Singing Bowls I play for spiritually driven events and meditations. They are all antiques from Tibet and range in size from 5 1/2 inches to 12 1/2 inches in diameter. Not present for the photo was a modern quartz singing bowl.

Here is a glass harp I made myself. It has 36 notes and has the range of the 'cello without the harmonic range. webglshrp2.jpg (27545 bytes)The winged hands and eyes on the front of the instrument case is a design from a 17th-Century Rosicrucian Codex which I enlarged and burned into the wood. The most fun in making the instrument was shopping in thrift stores and glassware outlets for appropriate glasses.

I also have a tone box, hand drums, rain sticks, didgeridoos, assorted gongs and folk flutes -- all for the exploration of the world of sound. Again, many of the instruments are of my own manufacture

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