Here are some of the things I have made. I hope they will give a modest example of what we can do by conceiving, visualizing and then actualizing a project.

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I made this seiza bench for meditation for about $17. You can buy one similar to this for about $90 from catalogs. I used a teak board, upholstery remnants, and standard hinges from the hardware store. The bench uses the padded seat for storage and carrying. I used a wood-burning tool to put on a few ornaments.

This flute case holds the alto flute and C-flute in one side and holds three recorders in the other side. I made it with hand tools on the dining room table of a group house I lived in when I was working on my undergraduate music degree.

I needed an upholstered bag for my finest classical guitar, but the price tag of around $200 was ridiculous. I made this one for about $37. It does the job of slowing the humidity and temperature changes in transit. There is no other case like it.

This music stand uses a cyprus branch that I fished out of the North fork of the Shenandoah River when I first moved to Virginia in 1983. The base and top were made from wood saved from other projects. It is meant to be used in a sitting position. The finish is Amber Shellac, my favorite finish. These footrests for playing classical guitar are also of my own manufacture. The one on the left is a former card filing box which now serves to hold music accessories -- things that get under foot!

Here is another music stand made from a branch of mulberry. On the lecturn I used a wood-bruning tool with a calligraphy bit to burn in a mulberry leaf and the words, "All around the mulberry bush" after the children's rhyme. This music stand is meant to be used in a standing position for a flutist.

w_runes.jpg (33638 bytes)I was given a branch of cherry wood years ago. I crafted this set of Runes from it. I finished them with Tung Oil mixed with a small amount of Frankencense Oil. They smell wonderful.

I also have a strong interest in calligraphy. The first sample is a poem I copied from a Renaissance poet, Ben Johnson. The hand is Chancery Cursive. The second sample is the word 'Guitar' rendered in a Nineteeth-Century ornamental alphabet. I have also used Spencerian, Roman, Italic and Black Letter. Calligraphy has occasionally been a very helpful source of income for me. With a small box of materials I can start a calligraphy studio anywhere.

Here is a light table I built that allows me to see the guidelines under my work without having to rule them. The photo is dark, so you can't see that it's finished with amber-colored shellac.

I don't make any jewelry except for a few pairs of earrings every year. We are blessed with a bumper crop of acorns in the front yard each Fall, so I take a few pairs that seem to be nicely matched and I make some earrings for friends.

w_scabbard.jpg (16645 bytes)When I was in my second tour of service in the US Army, I had a favorite knife, the Randall Model 18. One day in the motor pool, I found a discarded jeep seat cover. I cut a portion of it and made a sheath for the knife. The canvas was already weatherproofed and camouflaged. I carried the knife on all Airborne deployments to include Panama, Turkey, Germany, Alaska and Canada.

w_dart2.jpg (35837 bytes)w_dart1.jpg (34106 bytes)This is a dartboard cabinet I made from some previously used knotty pine. The bolt positioned vertically at the top of the inside of the cabinet allows the board to be moved to exactly the regulation height.

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